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Related post: Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 18:31:13 EST From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi 10Randi X, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. It marks a very important point in my life as I visit, for the firs time since that point six months ago, that city on the left coast where my bisexual virginity was compromised.Please keep your feedback coming to:. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now. . .Randi X - Behemoth revisited IWith a long, languid stretch and yawn, I leaned back in my office chair and put my feet up, a huge sigh of relief escaping my lips. This had been one of the roughest trips in months and I was a total basket case right about now. 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I keyed Ryan from my speed dialer and plopped into my chair. Three rings later, a deep, rich stentorian-toned voice quickly brought me back to reality."Hi, Lover man," I murmured into the receiver as the usual chills ran through my body at the sound of his voice. "Been good while I was away?""Mmm. . . Maybe. naked children modell Maybe I'll even tell you about it sometime," he answered, mocking my attempt at being sexy and doing a hell of a lot better job than me. "And, when may your loving hubby and little kidlets expect our great big executive home?""Ha, ha and ha!" I said. "Three meetings and a conference call and I'm outta here, Lover. Then, I'm home until Tuesday when I leave for San Francisco. God, I can't wait until I'm too old and have to retire. Let someone else do it, all the traveling and 18 hour days. I want my hubby and my babies.""Yeah, and you'd die of boredom in about 10 minutes, Toots," he laughed. He knew me too well. All of us workaholics know each other too well."Put on your best nightie, Lover," I said. "I'll be attacking you the minute I get home.""Oh, that would be a great object lesson for the kids," he laughed."Yeah, right. Gotta go, my darling. Meeting's beginning as we speak," I whispered, watching as one after another, my tirade ammunition entered the office.Finally, it was six o'clock and I was ready to leave the office. As I carefully packed away my Thinkpad, I noticed several pieces of mail that I had not yet opened. Well, what the hell, I thought. tennie model model teens 17 Stifling a yawn, I opened three pieces of mail and quickly tossed them aside. The last piece, a somewhat thick bubble package looked interesting. I pulled the opening string and was startled by the odd odor that naked pubescent models came from it. A familiar smell. Hmmm. I reached inside the package and pulled out a clear plastic ziplock baggie and, staring at its contents, immediately dropped into my chair. Oh, my God! My panties!As I opened the baggie, the smell was stronger and, my God, still a little damp! These panties were the ones I discarded on the airplane on the flight to Dallas. Oh, shit, I thought. It can't be! I reached into the package again and found it: a business card with a note stapled to it." . . . Dear Randi. Sorry to be so sneaky, but I did some checking with friends at Continental and found out who the redhead was in First Class. I've been putting this into the mail and retrieving it several times a day over and over for two weeks. Weird, huh?Well, I finally got up the nerve to send it to you. Just wanted to say that I've never done anything like this before but you two guys really blew my mind that night. If you ever get to Chicago, perhaps we could have lunch?Regards,Sarah . . ."Wow! Giggling, I closed my eyes and tried to picture that passionate night, trying to bring up an image of that girl. 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Maybe Israel.I glanced to my left to see if Irish was still awake and knew this time she wasn't faking it. Her breathing was too even for that. God, how long teen model lists ago was that flight to Dallas, anyway? I looked away out the window, thinking of that phenomenal, passionate flight, replete with all that wonderful extracurricular activity with Irish.I had finally fallen asleep, the gentle sway and drone of the giant airplane and my wonderful, tender, delicious afterglow, the result of a truly amazing orgasm at the hands of my darling assistant, Irish, lulling me to sleep. It was another world entirely that greeted me, though, when the stewardess gently shook me awake, quietly announcing that we were twenty minutes out of the Dallas 8 nn model airport. Startled, I looked around, quickly gathering my bearings and glanced down at Irish. Her deep chocolate skin gleamed in the early morning light filtering in through the unmasked porthole. So beautiful, I thought. But, now what? How do I justify playing on company time or, as my Daddy used to say, being one of those scouts that crapped too close to the campfire?Without thinking, my hand reached out to gently touch the skin of her forehead, stopping short as her large, dark, glistening eyes popped open. Followed quickly by a tender smile. "Hi, Boss Lady," she whispered as she sat up in her chair, her arms raised in a stretch, "Sleep well?" she giggled."Irish, look, about last night . . ." I began, searching for the correct words. Actually, searching for the correct thought!"Whoa, Boss. Wait," Irish interrupted me, her hand closing over mine. "I wanted that last night as much as you did. A once in a young nimphets models lifetime gig. Okay?" She added, a serious look overtaking her beautiful features."Irish, we are not only boss and assistant, okay? You're one of my all time best friends. I don't want anything to interfere with that?"Irish, rose and stretched again. "Nothing happened. Okay? Relax, Randi. We're okay. Really." She said, a knowing smile on her face. With that, she picked up her bag, smiled and winked at me and left for the restroom.Leaning back in my seat, I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. God, I hope so, I thought. If anyone is absolutely irreplaceable, model erotic children it's Irish. And, as a friend, too. I picked up my bag and began rummaging for my makeup when I found them. Business cards, four of them, each with a personal notation. Oh, my Goddddddd!!!Within an hour of landing, Irish, Janine, Chen and I were wheeling towards our branch office building in a company limo. The plan was to complete our work immediately and, if possible, grab a redeye flight back to New York. Yeah! Right!!Thus, began 46 straight hours of work, testing, evaluating, reprogramming, testing and starting all over again. Finally, just when we had reached the limit of our endurance, when each and every one of us was about to go out and buy a gun, it was done. The clm teen model new system was in place and had been tested through our hookup to the New York City home office and locally in Dallas and we could not fool it again. Everything was done. I retreated into the office that had been provided for me, dropped into the comfortable chair and stretched my jean-clad legs on the desk, leaned back and closed my eyes.Before my eyelashes could touch each other, the door flew open with a crash and Janine, my lead techie lumbered in, throwing the operational plans for the system onto my desk and dropped her short, wide bulk in a lump on the sofa."Done! Damn, Boss, I am beat! model cute Really worn out from this one," she said, stretching her very heavy legs out, crossing topp sex models her arms over her monstrous breasts and within moments was snoring loudly. Laughing to myself, I leaned back again, only to be disturbed once more by her assistant, Chen Lee. Tall and gangly, Chen dropped into the chair opposite the dominic underwear model desk and stretched his long legs out in front of him. "I cannot believe we're finished! One more change from those jackass clients of ours and I would have broken their computers over their heads!" Just as my eyes began to close for a third time, florence model Irish entered with her usual pazazz, her jean- clad body swaying as she approached and settled on the edge of the desk. "Whah!" she spat, dropping a stack of documentation onto the desk. "Can we go home now, Mommy?""Sorry, children," I said, stretching and boy nude modeles yawning. "I checked with the airport about 10 minutes ago and the next flight to New York leaves at 10:30AM, tomorrow morning. Something about cancellations because of the weather back in New York," I said, leaning back in the chair once more to a chorus of boos."Howsomever," I hurried to add. "I have, with the utmost pleasure, reserved rooms for us all at the best and brightest hotel in the city. All individual suites, I might add. After all, we do deserve the best. At least, we'll have first class here and all the way teens modeling ballet home.""Well, that's something anywho," Janine said, stretching. "Now, how about something to eat? nude fttness models II could eat a small pony. I'm starving!"Jumping up, I grabbed my purse. "On finest import models me, folks. You all deserve it. Our luggage is already headed for the hotel and will be in our rooms by the time we arrive."Our limo awaited us as we left the building. At 10:00 PM, traffic was not an option and we arrived at the hotel within 20 minutes. We were seated in the hotel restaurant, served and leaning back, stuffed by 11:30PM. Suppressing another yawn, I grabbed my fork and tapped my glass for attention."Listen, Girls and Boy. I have authorized extremely generous bonuses for all of you for this little caper. You all deserve it although I did most of the work," I added, to a host of catcalls. "In addition, you will all also receive canadian model tits tiny pay raises commensurate with your contributions. Seriously, though, I'm grateful for all your efforts here and I'm really proud of all of you.""And, now," I continued, standing. "I'm heading to my room to collapse. So, if you'll excuse me," I added, rising and passing out hugs and kisses as I daina model elite left the restaurant. I stopped at the desk to leave a wakeup call and danced into the elevator. Once inside my room, I immediately telephoned Ryan to tell him the good news and asked him to pick me up at the airport. That accomplished, I turned off the lights in the great room and wandered to the huge ella sandra model floor-to-ceiling windows. 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I reached down and removed my boots and socks, twinkling my toes in the soft, plush carpet. Can't wait until . . model sexy womens .Suddenly, a light knock at the door startled me from my thoughts. "Just a minute," I singapore bikini models hollered, picking up the shoes and socks and stashing them under the couch. Damn! I jumped up and went to the door and carefully opened it. And, let a long, frustrated sigh slide from my throat. Standing in the doorway was Irish, dressed in a long pure white bathrobe, a bottle of champagne and two long stemmed glasses in her hands. And, a big, shit-eating grin.Oh, shitty shittttttttt, I thought. I should have known. I should have realized that Irish had too much curiosity, was too damn stubborn to let this last opportunity slide by. And, that smile tells me that my problems will only be put off to another, much later date. Resigned, I reached for her robe belt and gently pulled her into the suite, backing up into the door and slowly closing it. I took her face in my hands and kissed her lightly on her lips.Still holding her face in my hands, I whispered, "Are you sure, Irish? Absolutely sure?" I asked."Oh, yeah, I'm sure," she whispered back. "But, I'm scared to death, Boss. I don't know what I'm sweetest young models supposed to do. I take it you do?" she continued, a coy little smile on her lovely face."Mmmmm. I think you'll know exactly what to do when the time comes," I said and kissed her once more, this time with a sense of urgency that melted her soft lips, allowing my tongue to enter her mouth, searching for, and finding, its mate. I searched out all the recesses of her succulent mouth, her gums, her cheeks, running to the back of her tongue, tasting her saliva.I broke the kiss and stared at a shaken Irish, still holding the champagne and glasses. Her eyes were bulging from their sockets. "Now, are you still jennys model nude sure?" I asked.Gathering up her strength and swallowing deeply, Irish smiled and said, "Let me chill this for a while."Irish went into the kitchen with models kids pedo the bottle. When she returned, she found me standing at the window, looking out at the Dallas skyline, the floor to ceiling window providing a magnificent tableau to let my mind wander. Irish had been working as my assistant for three years and I had never for a moment thought of her in any way other than business and intense friendship. Suddenly, during the past several weeks, I had begun to look at her under a different light, mostly due to her natural manner of touching, taking every opportunity to lean over my shaped teen models desk, stand close, all of that. For the first time, I began to notice how soft and lean her arms and shoulders were, her skin a beautiful dark brown, though darker in some places. Her hair was cut extremely short in a tight Afro, displaying her marvelous face, so spectacularly beautiful with high rammstein das model cheekbones, flared nostrils, full lips.The last thing that I could ever have dreamed of was now approaching from the kitchen. Now, she would be entering the suite's great room, coming up behind me and already I was feeling little cutties models a tingling in my tummy. The same feeling when, at work, she would come over behind my desk to show me something. Sometimes, she would lean so close to me, her perfume, her own smell, would flare my nostrils and I would begin to feel a warmth that I hoped would not show by my turning bright red. Or, dripping all over the rug.So lost in thought, I didn't know Irish had already entered the room until I felt her hands suddenly taking my arms and running up and down, her strong fingers tingling my skin through my turtleneck. Gently, she squeezed them, hefting their full softness, not model alex panties as muscular as hers. Surely she felt the shudder pass through my body, the tremendous heat that her fingers were generating throughout my body at her touch. Looking at the reflection in the glass, I watched her looking into my eyes, her darkly beautiful face glowing with a passion that certainly belied her inexperience with another woman.As she closed the distance between us and pressed her body against my back, my eyes closed and my head drifted back, resting on her strong shoulder. I reached up and crossed my arms around my chest, letting my hands cover hers as they continued to trace lines along my arms. I relished in the feel of her breasts against my back, the feel of her mound against my ass, feeling the whole of her almost trying to get inside of me. "Please turn around. I want to teens models lingerie see your face when I touch you." Her voice, low, soft and sensuous, commanded me to obey. As I turned around, I looked into her huge, dark eyes, looked at her little panties models full lips, parted, her white teeth gleaming, the tip of her tongue darting out to run across her teeth. At that moment, she could have asked me to sit on a fire hydrant and slide to the sidewalk and i probably would have done it for her. We stood there in the dim light, staring into each other's eyes, letting the atmosphere in the great room take over for each of us. Her long, slim fingers, so dark on one side, yet light on the bottoms, reached out and touched my cheek, sliding back to my ear, then back to my lips. I reached up and took her hand in mine, kissing, licking each finger. She reversed the hold, taking each of my fingers to her lips to kiss, then placing one finger into her mouth, where she sucked it hard, tightening her teeth on it. I could feel my panties getting wet, soaking wet as I reached up with my other hand and gently pulled her face toward my own, letting our lips gently touch. I marveled at the softness of those lips, so buttery soft. My tongue touched her lips and they parted, letting it enter yer mouth, touching her teeth. Her tongue met me at the door, an electric arc leaping the gap and they touched. We were now holding each other's heads, letting our tongues twine around each other, tasting each other's saliva, letting our bodies meld as one.I brought Irish's hand up to brush my cheek, letting her fell the soft, smooth skin, so different from a man's. No stubble, no beard. Just soft, smooth flesh child model toplisten under her fingertips. I brought up my other hand to gently wrap around the back of Irish's neck, pulling her mouth more insistently toward my own, increasing the intensity of our tongues. I let my tongue slip past hers to touch the roof of her mouth, her teeth, dipping into the pool of saliva at the side of her cheek. I sucked the juices out of her mouth into my own and swallowed.I could feel Irish's hands on my back, first holding my shoulders, squeezing the muscled flesh. Both hands began to move down my back and around to the sides of my breasts. When they made contact with them through the thin material of my sweater, I moaned through our locked lips and thrust my wet pussy against hers. When Irish felt my response, she continued the movement of her hands further down my back, stopping at the beginning of the swell of my hips, uncertain whether to continue. My hands began to move, too, slipping beheath the top of evie model pictures her robe, touching the wide, shoulders, feeling the warmth of her smooth, dark, woman's skin, squeezing the hard muscles that lay underneath.Suddenly, I felt her hands descend to my ass cheeks and squeeze them, pulling me against her. I matched her intensity, moving down her back to her bulging ass, rolling her cheeks around bathing supermodels in Circles through her robe, pulling her closer until I could feel the heat of her pussy against mine.After a few moments of grinding our pussies and tongues against each other, I broke the kiss and stepped back. "No turning back, now, girlfriend," she whispered, her large eyes burning with passion as they locked onto mine, her left hand reaching out to encompass my right breast. I could feel my rock hard nipple responding, pressing against her palm, accepting her gentle squeeze."Turning back?" I said, looking deep into her eyes. "Why the hell would I ever want to do that?" 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Her breasts were separated by a wide gap of glistening skin, each of them beckoning me.I felt as though I'd never touched another woman before and was intoxicated with the beauty and smoothness of her succulent skin, the dark, soft, smooth surface glistening in the teen models movies semi-darkness. Tentatively, I reached out my hands to her great breasts and hefted them, my eyes tightly clenched, feeling their weight, their smoothness, their unbelievable softness. I moved my hands in a circular motion, roiling them and squeezing their great weight. I moved my palms over her nipples, nude cosplay models feeling them burn into my hands. When my fingers began to squeeze and teen models topless pinch those gumdrops, Irish's eyes closed, her lips slightly parted, a slight whistle mixing with a moan as she shivered at my touch. I leaned forward and licked the skin around each breast, tasting the salty sweat that gleamed between her breasts, listening as Irish moaned loudly.Using all the strength of will in my body, I removed my hands from her great breasts and ran my fingers down her hips to her tiny panties. Slowly, I slid her panties down over her hips, exposing her tiny model porno tight ringlets of pussy hair, stopping momentarily as the material was held captive by her sweet juices. Continuing down around her ankles, Irish was now standing before me totally naked.I was absolutely awestruck. Her skin was flawless, completely feminine, rounded breasts, narrow waist, full, lush hips, a dark triangle of hair. Long, smooth, muscled legs. Rarely had I pretty asiatic models ever seen anything so beautiful, so enchanting, so sensuous in all my life.I reached my hands to the bottom of my sweater and amateur models porn nonnude model hardcore began to pull it off. Just as my face became hidden in the material Irish reached out and stopped my hands. She began to kiss my exposed neck, her tongue licking in tiny circles. She lowered her lips to my collarbone and bit and licked, her hands keeping my sweater over my face. The darkness only enhanced my lust as I closed my eyes and relished the movement of her mouth. Her lips traced above my bra and moved gently to my right armpit, her tongue licking the moisture there. God, she seemed to know instinctively exactly what areas of my body were so intensely sensitive.Irish reached up and gently slid my sweater from my face and my arms and cast it aside. Her hands then slipped behind my back to deftly unhook my bra. When I felt it fall away, I began to tremble as my breasts came nude child models into view, crossing my arms around them. I felt a little embarrassed in comparison to her bounty, but Irish's eyes didn't say so. Her hands pulled mine away and her eyes glazed over as she stared at them, rounded, firm, full, with my nipples hard and erect. With a murmur, Irish leaned forward and, her lips forming a small O, took my right nipple into her mouth. As I felt her lips surround my nipple, I shivered out a small cry of joy, feeling her teeth take the hard nub as she gently nibbled. Tiny thunderbolts of pleasure shot from my breasts throughout my body as Irish nursed at my nipple, her face pressing hard, her hands holding and manipulating my breast. My hands took her tight Afro and pulled her head harder into my giving teen bondage model tit. God! This is unbelievable. pty models teen What a rush to be causing this magnificent woman to be so turned on! By me!I unbuckled my belt and opened the top button of my jeans. Irish took over then, slowly letting me feel the erotic vibration of my zipper being slowly drawn down. I felt her fingertips reaching in, tracing the skin above my panties, deliberately torturing me, making me wait for her long, long fingers to touch my pussy. She knelt in front of me small scale model and pulled my jeans down to puddle around my ankles. As I stepped, she removed them. Now, her hands began at my ankles, slowly sweeping up my calves, past my knees to my thighs. My legs began to quiver and my hands reached down to hold her head to keep from falling over. I was moaning uncontrollably and continually now, lost in the feel of those chocolate fingers tracing alexandra the model electricity up my thighs, first on the fronts, the sides, the backs. Then, at her fingers' urgings, my legs separated, giving her access to my inner thighs. My, lingerie model naughty God, her hands! So delicate, lightly tracing her nails up dp teen models both of my inner thighs, then around my legs to cup my ass. She squeezed my cheeks so tightly, I gasped, crying out in such passion I almost fell over. Holding me tight, her mouth approached my panty-clad pussy. I gazed down, watching as her nose sniffed the aroma of my cum and watching her lips press against the wet stain at the V of my panties. Finally, her fingers glamour porn models drew my panties down over my ass and down my thighs to puddle at my ankles.I stepped out of my panties and knelt, naked, panties models facing Irish. I cupped her beautiful brown face in my hands, hers on sveet angels model mine, just staring into her dark, glistening eyes. Her face, all dark brown, shiny with her exertions, her eyes electric with lust, her lips so thick and soft were just too much to pass up. I brought her to me, my tongue leaving my mouth to lick her face. I tasted the softness of her cheeks, her high cheekbones, the tender area beneath her eyes, the corners of her somewhat broad nose, the tip, the area just above her lips and, finally, the outline of her lips. Moaning loudly, our bodies moving together, breasts mashing against breasts, her mouth opened, her tongue reached out to touch mine and once again, our mouths were grinding together. I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth, letting my teeth closed around it, chewing lightly as my tongue teased the tip.As we continued to kiss, my hands slowly slid down her long, smooth neck and shoulders, down her soft, muscular arms and down to cup her mammoth, deliciously firm breasts in my hands. Irish jumped at my touch, letting a loud scream drown into my throat as I lifted those beauties, squeezing them, holding tight to their fullness. I rolled them around and around on her great chest, my fingers now holding and pinching her long, black nipples. Without breaking the kiss, I gently pushed Irish onto her back, watching as her heavy breasts settled so wide on her chest. I crawled on top of her, letting my body settle full length on hers, feeling the dichotomy of our hard muscles and soft skin touch from our tits to our thighs, luxuriating in the feel of her body against mine. Enjoying the extraordinary heat that seemed to weld children models lol our skin as one.As I broke our kiss, I let my lips trail down her face to her chin, teeth gently nipping the flesh. southern brooke model I continued my trip to the hollow of her throat and then down modelle hamburg nuten to her tits. I cupped her remarkable breasts in my hands, squeezing them together around my face, my lips and tongue simple nude models roaming all over that delicious tit flesh. Irish's hands kept my face pressed between those massive tits, allowing my hands to roam over her sides, her waist and down to the firm, full protrusion of her wonderful ass.With Irish holding one of her mammoth tits up to me, my tongue reached out to gently brush the tip of her black nipple, listening to the constant whimpering and groaning emanating from Irish's throat. My tongue licked all around the raised supermodel nude photo cap of her breast, then back up to the top of her nipple. Dropping my mouth over her tit, I sucked as much of her into my mouth as I could. My teeth slowly closed around her nipple, first gently, then more firmly, holding it tight as my tongue continued teasing its tip. I listened as Irish screamed in passion as I moved from breast to breast, repeating my attack.Reluctantly, I moved my lips away from those juicy titties and began my journey further down Irish's shaking tummy, letting my tongue stop at her belly button, licking all around and then plunging deep into the soft, hot depression. With another cry, her body heaved upward, her hands holding my head in place as I continued to thrust hard into that little soft opening."Oh, God, Randi! What are you doing to me? I'm on fire! Shitty, shit! What have I been missing all these years?""Oh, yes, Irish. Sweetheart. All I want to do is bring that fire out of you and drink it and swallow it. I love it. Let me love you first. Let me do you.""Oh, yes, yessssss! Oh, shit, Boss, yessssss," she hissed, her hips beginning to rock.I pushed myself up, leaning over my Irish on my hands and free kid modeling knees. My, God, she was magnificent! I just couldn't get enough of her! What I would give to have both Irish and Cleo together at the same time! Twins! Her large, perfect breasts, long, muscled legs, smooth, soft, hairless dark brown skin. And, mere inches from my devouring eyes, her tightly curled, black pussy hair, already coated with thick, white juicies, her black, moist pussy lips and, with her legs slightly check teen model separated, the bright pinkness of her cunt, moist, juicy and open just for me. My nostrils flared at the odor of her body, my legs weakening from the chills coursing through my body.I began to lightly run my hands over the smoothness of her thighs, feeling the soft texture of her chocolate skin under my fingers. I could feel Irish's body vibrating, watched as she shivered at the gentleness of my tough. I slowly lowered my body atop her thighs, my face bare inches above her hot and wet triangle. Slowly, I lowered my cheek fully onto the curly, wiry pussy hair, my eyes tightly closed, the smell of her womanhood overwhelming my senses. I felt Irish's hand gently, but firmly pressing my head down as she lifted her ass, pressing me harder and harder against her.I licked the hair, my tongue picking up the beads of cum flowing from Irish's pussy. Slowly, I began to move further down her delicious softness, letting my tongue trace the soft tissue on her hip and the beginning of her right thigh. I kissed and licked the soft flesh, first on the top and then on the inner thigh, glorying in the softness. Irish was groaning, pleading with me to eat her, to taste her juices. japan nonude model But, no. I wanted her first time with a woman to be very, very special.I continued my movement further down her leg to her knee, licking behind it, then further down to her calf. I lifted her leg high, rising onto my knees, continuing to kiss and lick every tiny fraction of an inch of her leg until, finally, I reached her foot. I licked the chocolate arch down to the whiteness on the bottom of her foot, then to her toes. I sucked each one of those toes, one at a time, into my mouth, sucking on them as if they were tiny little cocks. Irish was how writhing and howling like a cat in heat, screaming my name, begging me to return to her pussy. But, I resisted. I was determined to make this the most memorable night of her life and, for that matter, for myself. So, I began my return trip up her magnificent body, kissing and licking her other leg, moving ua models sexy from her toes, up her calf, her knee, her small tiny models thigh, back to the beginning of my journey.With Irish's legs apart, I moved my tongue to that sensitive area between her inner thigh and her pussy, pressing hard with the heel of my tongue. I skipped around her pussy to the other side and repeated my licking as Irish began to scream for mercy. Hee hee. I was the corporate bitch once again.At long last, I lowered my face between Irish's thighs. Licking her flowing juicies from the soft surface of her inner thighs, I looked up at Irish's face and smiled. As she whimpered, gasping, her breath coming in heaves, I began to slowly, dreamily move my lips and my tongue up the surface of her inner thighs, my eyes locked on hers. The closer I came to her pussy, the greater the heat and the scent of her. And, the greater the flow of her delicious juices. Finally, my tongue touched the juicy, black, liquid lips of her cunt, eliciting a sudden loud gasp and outcry from Irish. Her juices began to flow more copiously, flowing over my tongue, hot, tasting like orange juice and sour cream.Irish's hips were rocking spasmodically now. Holding tightly to Irish's hips to keep from being thrown off the darkly beautiful bucking bronco, I listened to her screams of passion, music to my ears. I moved my tongue up to the top sandra model imgboard of her cunt slit, easily finding the hooded nubbin of her clitoris. Hard as a rock, it seemed to be an inch long as I took it between my teeth, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Irish began to shake violently, screaming out her passion."Oh, my god, Randi! Wha.. I'm com. . .cum . . .Oh! Oh, Oh, my Goooooood!" My teeth left Irish's clittie and thrust hard and deep into her pussy hole, sucking as hard as I've ever sucked before, twisting my tongue around and around her inside her. Holding her soft, delicious ass in my hands, I pulled her pussy hard into my sucking mouth as I helped her lift her body off the rug. Her hands held my face buried in her pussy, my tongue rapidly lapping up every strain of pussy juice, not wanting to miss a single drop. Suddenly, her body tensed, stopped in mid arch. Just as suddenly, her body fell to the rug, a loud whooshing sound issuing from her throat as every ounce of strength dissolved.After a few teen spanish models minutes, I felt Irish's heart amanda byler model begin to slow to a maintainable rate. Reluctantly, I lifted my face from her pussy and deftly scooted up her darkly beautiful form to lie along side her and kissed her quickly."My god, my God, modeling agency my God!" Irish whispered, "What was the number of that truck! That was dawson teen model unbelievable!" Irish murmured as I snuggled against her. "And, I've been missing out on this? Why didn't you tell be before?"Irish's smile blazed her beautiful face as she reached her arm around me, pulling me closer to her. Lazily, my fingers traced the smoothness of her soft, smooth legs, feeling the tiny hairs, feeling the heat of her. Irish gently ran her hands over my white shoulders, kneading the skin, sliding down my arms, sending chills down my back and rekindling the flames burning in my pussy.I pulled myself up and knelt at Irish's side, once again eyeing her beautiful body. Irish's beautiful eyes fixed on mine, a question forming in them at the suddenly evil smile on my lips. Without a word, using my right hand, I urged her to turn over onto her tummy. brazilian nude models Irish quickly complied with a whimper, uncertain of my plans. As her glorious ass came into view, I began to feel new leakage from my pussy. Bending down, I began to pay homage to the smoothness of her almost black ass.My lips touched her left ass cheek first, kissing it over and over, licking the dark brown skin until it was completely wet. My lips traveled down to the point where her ass cheek joined her upper thigh, pushing my tongue into the depression at the beginning of her ass cheek. Irish squirmed under my kisses, slightly arching her ass back to my face, murmuring, "Oh, yes, Randi. Oh, God, I . . .I love it, love it, love . . .oh, please..."I was glad to comply, my hand squeezing her butt flesh along with my lips. I skipped to her other ass cheek with my lips, repeating my juicy travels. My hand followed my lips again model pretten while my other hand held onto the other ass cheek, rotating the young philipine models flesh. Her ass tasted so good, free preten models smelled so good, so feminine, so clean. And, so intensely personal. I let my tongue slide to the darkness of the crack between her ass e business model cheeks, licking the complete length of it, from the small preeteen model portal of her back, down the tasty crack to the edge of her pussy and back again. Irish was moaning louder, now, begging me to do...what?Using both my hands, I slowly spread Irish's beautiful black cheeks ass apart, licking down onto the insides of each ass cheek. Slowly, the opening of her beautiful black puckered asshole came into view. So beautiful, so very, very dark, completely hairless, winking at me as I approached. naked models posing I stared at that inviting hole, making Irish wait."Randi, please! Please! Don't do this to me. Don't make me wait. . jenny american model ."I slowly moved my tongue closer, holding Irish's ass down as she tried to force it into my face. Gently, slowly, I let the tip of my tongue touch her asshole. Irish screamed at the touch, revealing the intensity of her anal tastes. Hardening my tongue, I speared my tongue deep into her rectum as her cries echoed off the walls of the great room. My hands were holding her ass cheeks hard against my cheeks now, holding on as Irish's bucking threatened to throw me clear.Irish's sphincter muscles threatened to sever my tongue with their squeezing as I sucked hard at her beautiful ass. I pushed one of my fingers into Irish's pussy, wetting it with her copious juices, moving it around and around inside asia girls models her. Suddenly, despite Irish's protesting outcry, my tongue slipped from her asshole. I quickly put my wet finger on her asshole and gently pushed it in up to the first knuckle. Irish jolted as though receiving an electric shock. Screaming again, one modelcom she bucked her ass back to meet my finger, driving it all the way teen langurie models inside her clutching asshole."Unh, unh . . ." sounds escapes Irish's lips, followed by urgent screams, signaling the approach of another massive orgasm. I felt her sphincter muscles grab hold of my finger as I began to rotate it in her asshole. Slowly retreating, I pulled my finger almost all the way out and quickly thrust it back, fucking her asshole filipino model naked with my finger. I put another finger at her asshole and forced it inside, then a third. Irish pushed against my hand, easily taking all three fingers deep into her modellinf for kids asshole. "Oh, God, Randi! Yes! Fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard, please fuck me! Fuck me! Fuckkkkkkkkkk."I reached my other nude pubescent models hand down to her pussy and pushed three fingers into her, matching the biracial models tempo of my hands. "Oh, God, I'm cumming again," Irish screamed. At that moment, I immediately pulled my fingers from her asshole and buried my face between her ass cheeks, pushing my tongue in as far as I could. Her sphincter muscle squeezed my tongue, spasms coursing 1966 mustang model through Irish's body as her orgasm flooded my fingers in her pussy. With one final scream and buck, Irish came again, her body vibrating. I kept my tongue buried in her asshole, my hands now holding her ass cheeks against my face until I felt Irish begin to calm down. Slowly, I released my face and tongue from her ass and kissed her ass again, first one cheek, then, the other.Finally, I rested my head on her ass, my nose touching the crack. "Oh, my God, Randi," Irish breathed between spasms. "What have you done to me? I'm blasted!"I crawled up voyeur nude models to lay beside her, gently massaging her back, kissing the back of her neck. "I made love to your beautiful ass, my darling angel. That's what I did."Irish turned to face me and leaned over to kiss my lips, her tongue tracing the outline of my lips. "I think we've started something here that will become a regular feature.""Oh, I think we can do something about that," I said, returning her kiss. "As long as we're very, very careful and discreet.""But, not before I return the favor, Kiddo. Come here. I did not hesitate for a moment as Irish began to slide down my body, kissing and licking my body from head to foot.Oh, God, I'm soaked, again! Damn! Slowly, I rubbed my legs rubbed together, feeling an orgasm beginning to shake my body, writhing in my seat. My hands covered my face, stopping the groan that was forming in my throat. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my leg, sliding quickly up under my skirt to my soaked panties. I turned and watched the slow smile spreading across Irish's lips, the glow in her great eyes, as her fingers slid beneath my panties and directly into my sopping wet pussy. Staring at her, her face illuminated young toplessmodels 14yo only by the starlight through the porthole, I again buried my face in my hands as my orgasm crashed through my soul, Irish's fingers dancing wildly in my pussy.A moment later, Irish was licking her sticky fingers as I collapsed in a heap. I leaned across my seat and kissed her gently. "You were supposed to be asleep, girlfriend," I whispered as she smiled and giggled.As I finally succumbed to my exhaustion, my mind told me that San Francisco would be tiny russians models something very, very special.Stay tuned for Randi XI for the second installment of my trip to San Francisco. Please, please, and another please keep your emails coming to my toni526 hotmail email address.
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